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 Voice Lessons with Nicholas Hay
Please inquire at
or 609-577-6773

Welcome to my voice studio! I look forward to working with you,  having fun, and helping you to grow through the study of music.  

In my teaching, I endeavor to inspire people and to help them open to the wonderful world of music and the voice. I use my considerable performing and teaching experience, a little humor, and a good amount of positive reinforcement to make singing an uplifting and nurturing experience.   

In a typical lesson we will practice vocal exercises to develop your technical ability. I will also assign songs and arias that I know will be valuable for your vocal growth and we will work on these pieces in the lesson as well. I always take into account songs that you would like to work on. I want you to sing music that you enjoy singing. 

You may either schedule a standing appointment (the same day and time each week), or have a flexible schedule. If you choose to have a flexible schedule, please try to schedule the lesson at least three days in advance. Please email or call for my rates and to schedule a lesson.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your scheduled lesson for any reason other than illness, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time. 

**If you cancel your lesson with less than a 24 hr notice, you will be charged for the lesson time, regardless.

*If you are sick on the day of the lesson and cannot sing, please do contact me to cancel, since it is not fun or productive to sing when you're sick. If you have to cancel due to illness, I'll be very understanding and will try to find a mutually agreeable time for a make-up lesson. I will not make up any lessons that are cancelled or missed without the appropriate 24 hr notice.

Thanks for choosing my voice studio! I'm looking forward to working with you!
Please use the form below for info about rates and to set up a time!

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"Nick is a wonderful vocal teacher with a pleasant disposition. He has been providing me with voice lessons for more than a year. I have much improved with his help. Having someone who can bring their own vast vocal experience and musical knowledge is a huge bonus. Encouraging and very patient!"
Patty Westcott

"Throughout the last year I have seen a huge improvement in my singing and music theory skills. At the beginning of my lessons I was not able to site read or do tonal memory, now I can do both successfully! Also I have worked my way up to sing arias! He is a wonderful teacher! "
Alissa Indeck

"Mr. Nick has been teaching me for quite some time. He teaches songs in different languages which include English, German, Italian, and French. He helps me pronounce the words from other languages very fluently. He says lots of great compliments about me during my class time. While teaching international songs, he translates the meanings for the words. I am really enjoying his class. I would recommend Mr.Nick to all my friends."
Nithya R

"Nick has been teaching me for several months now and it has been going very well.  Absolutely no complaints.  Aside from being professional with scheduling and showing up on time, Nick is patient when it comes to helping me improve on my vocal and singing quality.  He is respectful and has a pleasant personality and is not boring unlike some of my past instructors.  As a shy person in choir at school, I have become much more confident with my singing voice.  Nick has been extremely helpful and puts a lot of work into being on time, selecting music that is fun but challenging to sing (in a helpful way), expanding and improving the quality of my vocal range.  I plan to continue my lessons with Nick and highly recommend him to others."
Ian Murphy

"Nick's professionalism and patience with me, a new voice student, makes me feel comfortable and confident.
I will absolutely be referring people I know to him."
Aliya K

"Nick is a brilliant teacher. He is punctual, thoughtful of students, and understanding of his students and all scenarios. His exercises are very helpful, and my school choir teacher approves of them. I am much more aware of the capabilities of my voice now."
Justin L